Tower Cranes How Do They Work?


A tower crane is a machine used to raise or lower heavy loads and operates efficiently at elevated heights from ground level. This video explains how they work and how they’re essential for worldwide construction sites. You’ll see how cranes lift objects using giant hydraulic jacks.

The mighty tower cranes are undoubtedly the lifting king of construction.

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Some of the most recognizable city skylines wouldn’t exist without them. Individuals can’t help but marvel at how these machines work. Many can’t imagine how they can handle this much weight, given their height and thin appearance.

A tower crane is an essential piece of equipment commonly used in construction sites to build skyscrapers. The machine, which consists of the base, mast, jib, and hook, uses the counterweight or climbing system to lift heavy loads. The base supports the mast, which connects to the jib. The jib is a long pole that extends outwards from the mast and supports the load. The crane operator controls the hook movement by moving the jib through the air using hydraulic cylinders. The operator uses a control device connected to the crane via cables to move the jib.