This Woman Makes Jewelry From Cremation Ashes


When it comes to losing a loved one, it can sometimes be tough. The passing of someone you hold dear can be a real shock to the system. Over time though, funeral homes have been looking for ways to commemorate the deceased using different objects to make it so that the person is always with you wherever you go. It started out with cremation viles, which were little viles that would contain the ashes of your loved ones. What people started to realize was that it was very impersonal and unattractive.

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How this industry has evolved in cremation services is the creates of cremation jewelry. In this video, we see how this woman started an unlikely business because of the absence of a truly nice way to contain ashes. Like having a locket with a picture in it, this makes it so that the person can always be with you in a kind and respectable way to their life. Urns and jars can seem distasteful, but with this new method, it only takes a small number of ashes to design a truly beautiful piece of jewelry that you can take anywhere with you.