Thinking About Hiring a Street Sweeper? Here’s Everything You Should Know


If you’re a business or parking lot owner, you’ve surely seen firsthand the kind of litter, debris and residual mess cars can leave behind. You know that you need to keep your lot clean and secure, but how exactly does the process of hiring a professional street sweeping service work? We are here to help! Check out some of the most commonly asked questions on the topic of parking lot sweeping prices, duties, availability and more.

1. Is It Neccesary?

If you own or manage a business or even just a parking lot, you should know how important it is to keep it clean. It’s better for safety liability, for one. In addition, you want your business to look at good as possible, and having a messy, unkempt parking lot is not desirable for most customers. Think about it: it’s the first thing they see when they arrive! So you may not be required by law to keep your lot clean (though in some places you may be!), but it will absolutely be in your best interests to do so, balancing off those parking lot sweeping prices with an uptick in business. Speaking of parking lot sweeping prices…

2. How Much Does It Cost?

With the great size of the United States and the abundance of companies available at your fingertips since the advent on the internet, it’s impossible to predict the cost of parking lot sweeping prices specific to you. It depends on the average costs in your area, the specific business you use and obviously how much space you’ll need swept. Consult with some local businesses to compare their parking lot sweeping prices and find what fits your budget best.

3. What Are The Benefits?

Street and parking lot sweeping can make your business look far more appealing to your customers. By maintaining a clean area, you’re projecting a positive image of your business as a first impression. In addition to aesthetics, keeping your lot clean is just the right thing to do. Cars and other pollutants create all kinds of bacteria that stay in your lot until they’re cleaned. Debris can block storm drains, causing flooding and property damage. Better to be safe than sorry, and street sweeper trucks can take care of the process in no time!

4. What About My Private Road?

Most companies that do parking lot cleaning will also do street sweeping. Contact specific companies in your area for more information, of course, but if you aren’t looking to hire someone else for your street sweeping service, you may even be able to rent street sweeper trucks and take care of the job yourself, if you are the “go out and get ‘em” type.

If you’re already thinking about getting parking lot or road sweeping services, it’s likely a sign that you need it. Do your part to keep the environment clean, along with improving your place of business.

Have you had any experience hiring any parking lot sweepers? How did the process go? Do you have any tips or recommendations? Share them with us down below in the comments section!