Think Shipping Containers Are Just for Shipping? Think Again


Steel shipping containers

The shipping industry is huge. It is so big that it 90% of the world’s trade is included in the shipping industry. Because the shipping industry’s sheer size, you could be forgiven if you thought all steel shipping containers were used for only shipping. The reality is that people buy used storage containers for a wide variety of uses and reasons.

Reasons People Buy Used Storage Containers:

  • Store your stuff. Obviously, a great reason to buy used storage containers is to store your belongings in a safe and secure place. You can place this on your property and voila! you have a place for your car or your other items. If your garage is full and you do not want to pay the high price of storing your car someplace else, a steel cargo container may the best thing for you. If you need to move your car someplace else and do not want to drive it, a steel cargo container can be good for that, too.
  • Use it for your business. Have you heard of the container pop up shop? Well, they are literally popping up all over the country. Basically, they are structures made from used cargo containers. They can be customized for any brand and configured any way the customer wants them to be. They can be linked or stacked. The walls can be folded out or kept upright. They can be put in one location one day and moved to another the next. They make great portable concession stands, stores, event venues and even cafes. Because they can be outfitted with power, WiFi, water and the like, they can be great for any brand. Brands ranging from Adidas to the Beatles have used them and they can make it easy for a business to move to a new market or part of town. They can try out their brand in that area before committing to a long-term lease.
  • Some people live in them. Because of all of the modifications listed above, some people buy used storage containers and convert them into living spaces. In fact, if you do a Google search for “storage container homes,” you will find that many of the things that make used storage containers so attractive for pop up shops, makes them great for homes. There are sites for the “most beautiful shipping container homes” and the like and some of the things people have done are pretty creative.
  • They can be used for portable offices. Sometimes you just need more space for your workers. Keep them too cramped and you will have them take more time off of work. The number of sick days taken by employees increases as you add people to work together in a room, according to new research. What is a company to do when they need to expand their pace but they just do not have the budget to rent a new office? Buy used storage containers and convert them into office space. It certainly is cheaper than building a brick and mortar building.
  • Playgrounds have been made from used storage containers. In Melbourne, Australia, a children’s center was constructed from four used storage containers. Another similar project was completed in Las Vegas, Nevada. he Las Vegas structure is more of a tree house than a playground but the idea is pretty similar.
  • Art spaces have been created with them.andnbsp;A number of cities buy used storage containers to turn them into moving art galleries. The results are pretty spectacular for the same reason that they work so well as pop up shops and homes. They can be made into so many different shapes and sizes.

The bottom line for these containers is they have some qualities that make them a wonder building material. They are sturdy, sustainable, durable and can be easily moved. This means they can be used for a wide variety of buildings. They offer a versatility that is not found in all building materials combined with a sturdiness that is needed for most. Another great part of using used storage containers for new projects is this is the very essence of recycling. Using these containers for new things gives them a new life and purpose.