The Value of Construction Cleaning Services, Post Construction Cleaning, and Janitorial Services


Construction sites are some of the most difficult areas to clean. Therefore, construction cleaning services are necessary more than any others. Even after that, a completed commercial building still requires a great deal of interior cleaning on a regular basis. That also adds the need for commercial cleaning services to these buildings that are occupied by hundreds of people on a daily basis.

After the Construction of Commercial Buildings

While the construction site of a commercial building, there is a great need for initial cleaning of the remaining waste upon completion of a project. While construction cleaning services are helpful at those periods, there is much more cleaning needed throughout the use of those building. Janitorial services within all buildings are able to provide healthy workspaces in commercial buildings, especially with this being the place that so many people spend a great deal of their time. With desks, chairs, and computer keyboards collecting millions of bacteria on a regular basis, there is nothing better than keeping commercial offices clean on a regular basis.

Therefore, some of the most commonly used pieces of the office are the ones that have the potential of passing along illnesses and infection. Some of these include the following locations of those offices where a great deal of work needs to be completed every day:

  1. Office phones tend to carry over 25,000 germs per square inch.
  2. Every desk holds roughly 10 million bacteria.
  3. A keyboard, chair, and computer mouse will usually have about 21,000 germs per square inch.
  4. Most elevator buttons harbor millions of germs.

On top of all these numbers, it is reported that about one-third of all people go to work while they are sick. No matter what illness or infection it may be, it is proven that flu viruses are able to last about 48 hours on hard surfaces. Many cleaners are not able to clean up viruses, and this makes the office space even riskier in relation to human health.

With all of this, you likely need the need for both post construction cleaning services as well as regular janitorial services inside all commercial buildings. It is unfortunate that you and your employees face unhealthy conditions on a regular basis, but with consistent cleaning, everyone has the ability to remain healthy at work. Especially with all of the germs that people carry in from home and the car, and everywhere else, sitting at a desk for eight hours straight leaves these areas subject to massive germ and bacteria collections. Keep the workplace clean.