The Surprising Effectiveness of On-Site Signs


In the digital age of SEO and inbound marketing, it may seem that the traditional marketing you grew up with is hurtling toward obsolescence. Marketers decry radio ads, billboards, and TV commercials as a waste of time and money, and for the most part, they are. However, there is one old form of marketing that is still extremely effective: on-site signs and wall posters.

High Quality Posters Bring in Customers

Approximately 85% of your customers live in a five mile radius of your business. This means that if you have a display board, custom sandwich board, or banner, your potential clients will see the sign about 50 times per week. That’s more effective than taking out 24 full-page newspaper ads per year. What’s more, about half of all customers go into a business because of its on-site signs.

Wall Posters Sell Product

Numerous studies have shown that merchandise with an accompanying sign has 20% higher profits than products with no sign. That’s not just true in retail, either: political candidates can increase their recognition by 40% with a well-placed campaign sign. Whether you sell clothing, ice cream, tax services, or real estate, a sign is the easiest way to let customers know who you are and what you do.

On a Related Note, Signs Build your Brand

Over 80% of surveyed respondents agree that an effective sign conveys the personality of a business. Your brand is not just the product you sell–it’s the identity of the business itself. It’s the guiding philosophy and set of values that leads you to do what you do. Taking care to choose signage that represents not just what you sell but who you are leaves an indelible mark that makes customers remember you.

As you work with your team to develop the perfect sign, font, colors, and logo, be sure to work with a high-quality printer with whom you can build some rapport. While a graphic designer can help you put together something sleek and professional, a design that conveys your product and philosophy accurately is always the best bet. If it speaks to you, chances are that it will speak to your customer, too.