The Right Appellate Support Can Change Outcomes


Winning law firms know that it takes a team to get the appellate results that you are hoping for. The best outcomes come when you have experts behind you in the appellate process and appellate law. Successful law firms know that third-party appellate support from the right team can tip the scales in your favor.

What a difference it would make to your matter if you had access to retired judges, attorneys that have presented before appellate panels and won, and turnkey case support. It would change outcomes for your firm and your clients.

Beyond the Briefing

Often an attorney becomes highly invested in a matter when they have gone through the trial phase with their client. Losing at trial or not getting the outcome that you expected can color everything you do moving forward. The first step in making sure you get the outcome you need from the appellate court is to identify the appeal points.

Identifying the disputes that fit in with the law is not quite as simple as it seems. The right support can help you to identify the grounds for your appeal. This scenario is true whether you are dealing with contract disputes, civil litigation, maritime litigation, or criminal appeals.

Once the issues have been identified, you will need support in creating a record of those issues. Ideally, your support source will offer electronic case management to ensure that every aspect of the case is documented and retrievable.

Following the Rules of Appellate Procedure

Understanding the rules and procedures of an appellate court in your jurisdiction is vital to the success of your matter. The right support team will offer multidistrict litigation support and have the experts on hand that have expertise in local rules.

Who better to learn the rules from than a retired judge? This can be a huge source of support that many lawyers do not recognize as critically important.

What motions should you file? What evidence needs to be presented? What should your briefing address? These are all procedural points that can make or break a case.

Practice Makes Perfect

How valuable would it be to be able to fully present your case during a mock trial? Most would agree valuable. Presenting your case in front of a panel of experts, and then getting feedback on what worked and what did not, would help you to fine-tune your case.

Get the outcomes that you and your clients need by connecting with a support team that puts your goals first.