The Power Of Charitable Donations Here In The United States


Giving household donations is a great way to donate to charity and save the environment all at the same time. The power of household donations, from used textiles to used clothing donations, is something that should not be underestimated, and those who give household donations often find that their own lives have been improved as well. If you don’t have a lot of spare money to give to charities in need, consider giving household donations. It’s free to you, helps you to declutter your home, and fills a need within your community.

On top of this, used household donations help to protect our environment. As it stands at the time that this article was written, only around fifteen percent of all used clothing is actually recycled or donated in any way. This means that, in total, more than ten million tons of used clothing alone are sent to landfills each and every year. In comparison, only just over four and half million tons of used articles of clothing and other such household donations are actually donated. But here’s the thing: as much as one hundred percent of all of your used household textiles, from clothing to dish rags, can be donated. While only around forty five percent of used clothing donations are actually worn again as secondhand clothing, other household donations and donated clothing that is too worn and damaged to be worn again can be repurposed into other objects in the world. For instance, many articles of clothing will become factory rags or used as stuffing for various items of furniture like couches and arm chairs. Just by donating clothing that can be worn again, as many as two and half billion pounds of clothing are kept from ever becoming part of a landfill. Imagine what that number could increase to if we donated household donations that weren’t necessarily such great condition as well.

Household donations are a great way to give back to the people in need in your community as well. It can be difficult to find the best charities to donate to, and first you need to decide if you’d like to stick with a local charity organization, a national one, or even an international one. Doing your research on various charity organizations is important to verify the mission and the good that each charity actually is able to do, as not all charity organizations are created equal, something that many of us are already aware of. Many people will choose to donate household goods to charities geared towards helping families in need. Household donations are likely to be particularly suited to such charities, as they are focused on getting families back on their feet. Providing families with clothing and other household essentials is very much a part of that.

Some people are looking to be more specific with their charity donations and are looking to help military families in need. Being in the military is hard – perhaps the understatement of the century – and the families often suffer as well. Financial strain is common, particularly if the person who was in the military has suffered a physical or psychological injury. Many veterans can find it difficult to reintegrate in the civilian world, something that can put a considerable strain on the overall well being of their family. Clothing donations for veterans can help, as can the donations of other household donations and goods. Wounded veterans charities are common throughout the United States, and it is likely that you even have a purple heart charity pick up close enough to you that you could easily contribute household donations to it.

Finally, giving charitably in the form of household donations like used clothing and other textiles helps out you, the person who is donating. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but it can actually be a way to declutter you life. Too many of us have clothing that we don’t use or need just sitting in our closets and taking up space. This clothing isn’t doing any good where it is at, and can be of much more use if it is given as a charitable donation.