The Most Common Reason Youll Need to Hire Parking Lot Repair Services


Some parking spaces contain asphalt depression that is damaged in high-traffic areas. If that’s the case, you will need parking lot repair services to get the job done right.

That said, here are the reasons why you need the best parking lot services in fixing damaged asphalt depression.

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1. Mark out the Area

You have to mark the Area of damage asphalt depression using marking paint.

2. Saw Cut the Outer Perimeter

Now that you’re done marking, you need to saw cut the outer portions of the patch area. For safe parking lot repair services, make sure to put your mask on, goggles, and earplugs.

3. Excavate the Existing Asphalt

Now that cutting is done proceed with excavating the existing asphalt dirt and debris using a Bobcat.

4. Putting of Base Coat

Next, put the base coat hl8 asphalt and top it off with a top coat of HL3.

5. Raking

When putting the needed asphalt base coat, you have to rake it out to its desired level.

6. Leveling

Using a play compact, level the base coat asphalt to make it ready for applying the topcoat asphalt.

7. Applying Top Coat

It’s where you have to put the top base asphalt. You also have to rake and move the asphalt to level it. Once done, trim the edges using a shovel or rake.