The Importance of Wayfinding Signage in Your Facility


This YouTube video by Visix discusses Interactive Wayfinding Step by Step, which is a virtual way to provide information and maps for your business, facility, complex, or campus. The information system is on a touch screen and provides instructions, maps, and information on how to navigate through your locations and buildings. A wayfaring system and signage will have maps and directions, event schedules, dashboards, maps, videos, and graphics. It can be designed uniquely for your retail store, business, campus, business complex, or other facilities. It will be designed for your customer base and business needs.

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To design a wayfinding system and signage, you will have to define your goals and involve creative and technical staff in the process. You will have to determine the number and placement of displays, logos, database, and where the files will reside. The files will need to be managed and maps will need to be created using 2D, 3D, or other programs and list all locations. Details on how your guide will navigate and lead customers to the right information. Most wayfinding signage and systems have easy navigation and stunning graphics. Your wayfinding signage may include scroll bars, videos, photos, maps, buttons created by designers, and other creative staff. It should be tested before you implement its use to work successfully. .