The Importance Of The Direct Mail Marketing Campaign


When it comes to advertising, the world is rapidly changing. After all, the age of technology is officially and irrevocably here, there is no getting around it. Advertisers and marketing companies have had to adjust to that, moving much of their advertising strategies to the realm of the online world. Advertising is everywhere that we look on the internet, perhaps features most prominently on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even now Snapchat. In fact, it has been found that more than half of all advertising budgets around the country (fifty one percent of them, to be more exact) are spend on online advertising campaigns and strategies. With this information, it can be easy for people to think that other forms of advertising like the post card mailing service are out of date and quickly becoming obsolete.

But, in fact, this could not be further from the truth and direct mail marketing campaigns are actually preferred, for a number of reasons, over the online advertising campaigns that have become so prevalent in our society and in our world. For one, people just tend to think that a post card mailing service campaign or other such direct mail campaign is more trustworthy than other types of advertising and marketing, an opinion that is shared by as many as fifty six percent of all customers here in the United States. And as much as fifty four percent of the population of this country simply just prefers direct mail marketing and the use of the post card mailing service because of its convenience and for the deals that it offers (among a variety of other reasons as well, of course).

And though online marketing and advertising strategies can perhaps reach larger total numbers of people, direct mail marketing and the post card mailing service tend to get more responses. In approximation, very nearly fifty percent of all people who receive direct mail marketing campaigns will keep a hold of the materials that they receive, such as through a post card mailing service, to use in the future, be it a coupon or simply information on a product. A direct mailing service is also likely to result in more sails than other types of marketing and advertising, such as online marketing and advertising platforms, with direct mail companies getting as many as thirty seven times the total responses than other forms of advertising (primarily advertising on an online or social media platform), email marketing strategies in particular – in fact, most people send email advertisements straight to their spam folders and never even really see them.

And the fact of the matter is, people just love to open mail! Getting a piece mail is so much more exciting than just getting an email, and can even be the highlight of an otherwise dreary day. A post card mailing service is a great way to get people to seriously consider your products, as data has shown that as many as eighty percent of those who receive a post car mailing service or other type of direct mailing service are actually likely to open up their mail from any given direct mail marketing campaign as soon as they receive it. And these campaigns lead to purchases within three months of the mail being delivered as much as forty percent of the time.

Advertising and marketing strategies are growing and evolving, there is just no way to get around. Like much else of the United States – and the world as a whole on top of that – a huge part of our time is dedicated to the internet – and marketing and advertising campaigns are certainly no different. From the ads we see on Facebook to the ads that are the first results we see when we use any given search engine (particularly Google, a search engine that is universally lauded as one of the best), online and digital ads are simply everywhere. But direct mail marketing campaigns such as the post card mailing service have held their own here in the United States and elsewhere around the world.