The Growing Importance Of On Site Signage


We all know that advertisements are important. After all, it would be a difficult thing to deny, as we see up to three thousand of them over the course of just one single day. These advertisements vary, of course, both in content as well as in advertising style, from advertisements seen between television program to advertisements seen on giant billboards as you drive to work. However, on site signage like retail price tags, the typical printed sign, and shelf tags for grocery stores can actually have nothing if not a considerable impact when it comes to the sales that are ultimately made and the goods that are purchased.

This can be seen clearly when we look at retail price tags, which are, of course, just one way of advertising. Above anything else, retail price tags are hugely informative. They tell the customer something important that the customer needs to know. But in addition to this, retail price tags can draw a customer in, as sales are often going on in the world of retail and can be very much advertised through the use of retail price tags or other such shelf-edge promotional strategy.

After all, the vast majority of people will make impulse purchasing decisions on a relatively regular – if not very regular – basis. The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs this up, showing that more than eighty percent of all customers and consumers (eighty two percent, to be a little more exact) will actually make their final decisions when it comes to purchasing things when they are already in the store location of their choice. This means that retail price tags and other types of on site advertising signs and strategies can be fully utilized to help them to make their final decisions.

And type of advertising through the use of retail price tags, retail signage software, and all other types of on site signage has been found to be hugely impactful in a number of different ways. For one, more customers are likely to enter the store in question and, in addition to this, they are more likely to purchase the items that have been clearly advertised through the use of retail price tags and other types of on site signage. Again, the statistics that have been gathered on this subject more than back this claim up.

In fact, a study done by a number of veritable places such as Brigham Young University actually goods that were advertised on site – and fully priced goods, at that – were likely to sell up to twenty percent more when compared to goods that were also full priced and not marked down in any way – but did not utilize on site advertising like clear retail price tags and the like.

And, of course, signage isn’t just ideal for full priced merchandise. If you’re having just about any kind of sale, having signage to note it and to make it clear to any customers that come into your store is also something that will be hugely important. After all, more than sixty five percent (sixty nine percent, to be more exact) of all customers actually make their final shopping decisions at least in part because of on site signage like retail price tags.

Some people might question the importance of on site signage like retail price tags, especially since more and more people are looking to shop online, at least predominantly, nowadays. However, many brick and mortar stores are still seeing a great deal of business and many are actually thriving now more than ever before. In fact, it has been found that very nearly ninety five percent (ninety four percent, if you’re looking to be a little more exact) of all sales still take place inside an actual store location. While online shopping is certainly growing in popularity, many people still prefer to see the products that they are considering up close before they make any sort of decision about actually paying for and buying them.

And so retail price tags and other types of on site signage remain incredibly important throughout the country and all around the world.