The Financial Benefits of LED Signs for Schools


Led electronic signs

Signs are an extremely effective method of marketing. In fact, studies show that adding or changing a sign directly improves sales revenue. Replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign increases revenue by 7.7%. Signs are beneficial in many different areas of marketing and business, even in the school industry. When you think of education, you probably do not think of a business. However, the educational industry has similar monetary and marketing needs as any local business does. There are a variety of ways that a school can benefit from LED signs for schools.

Local community awareness
LED signs for schools increase community awareness of the school. Although most parents are already aware of the location and type of schools in the area, community members without children may not be. It is also important that they know the location of the schools for many reasons. When they are located in closer proximity to a school, they tend to be more careful with driving and operating machinery. They also become more supportive of the local school?s needs, an important part of the fundraising efforts. Also, purchasing a house nearby a community school can be an important buying and selling feature in the real estate industry.

Communication with student?s parents
Schools usually have multiple communication methods with their student?s parents. They may offer phone, Email, or in person communication. However, with thousands of students in one school setting, it can sometime be difficult to get every message to every parent. LED signs for schools are a great way to notify parents of messages and fundraising events, without having to individually call every single student parent. Approximately 71% of people look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined).

Because parents spend a lot of time in the school parking lot, waiting to drop off and pick up their children, they are even more likely to notice the full color LED signs with school messages. Digital LED sign boards have the ability to scroll between multiple messages, ensuring that parents get every important message. This can also translate into higher fundraising attendance, which means more funding possibilities for the school. Also, parents who are aware of school events ahead of time from the school LED signs are better able to prepare, bringing in more school donations and volunteers.

Advertise local community events
Electronic marquee signs for schools are not only important in awareness of the school?s location to community members, but also in promoting school events geared toward these same community members. While parents can quickly run out of money for fundraising events, community members can be a great customer base for things like bake sales, school sales, and sporting events. Commercial business signs are one of the best ways to advertise these fundraising events to the local community members, as more than one third (37%) of people report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one.

Specifically request assistance
Many situations require specific types of assistance for the school. They may require substitute teachers for a specific subject, a qualified coach to replace a current position, or donations for an upcoming event. If community members and parents are unaware of these specific donations, they are unable to help the school. LED signs for schools can increase the rate that schools receive these needed items. It is likely that there are many parents willing to help, who simply do not know how to help and LED signs for schools tells them exactly how they can.

Many businesses rely on exterior signs to market their business. That is because signage marketing has proven to be very successful in a variety of marketing areas. Exterior signs not only increase community awareness, but they ask specifics of customers and students? parents. They also notify community and school members of upcoming events. The LED signs for schools can be just as effective in raising additional income for schools as they are for other types of commercial businesses.