The Basics of Commercial Painting


Commercial painting refers to painting commercial buildings. There are several steps in the process of painting a commercial building. Most painters either specialize in residential or commercial painting. Some may specialize in both. The YouTube video looks at painting from a business perspective and aims to explain it to prospective painters.

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Commercial painting is just like any other business. You attract clients, do a great job, grow the business while keeping an eye on spending, and become successful. However, you must first know what you’re doing on the ground level to reach the top. There are specific steps to follow when doing a painting job. Firstly, the surface needs to be prepared by cleaning it thoroughly.

Additional steps such as sanding, patching, or priming may be required. The next step is selecting the most appropriate paint and color. You should consider the surface to be painted, the weather conditions it will be exposed to, and the substrate. A skilled painter should be familiar with the various painting techniques and how to apply paint. Furthermore, because this job often includes working from heights, health and safety features, equipment, and practices must be incorporated.

The paint and the work should be durable and offer lasting results to promote the business and the business’s reputation. Once this is mastered, the business will take off, and the owner needs to focus on the business aspect of their painting company.