Social Media Marketing Basics How to Grow Your Online Presence


Looking to start your own business? Trying to grow your social media presence? The world is increasingly online, and e-commerce businesses are becoming more and more popular. With social media becoming oversaturated, it’s necessary to develop a social media marketing strategy to grow your brand organically.

To begin building your online presence, you need to pick the right social network. For B2B businesses, Linkedin and Twitter are great options.

Video Source

For B2C businesses, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube may work best.

When building your profile and brand image, think about what kind of content you personally like to create. Posting video content on platforms like Youtube or Instagram is a great way to grow engagement.

Speaking of engagement- this is one of the most vital aspects of social media growth. Follower account is irrelevant if nobody is interacting with your posts! Focus on building connections with those in your market or who share interests related to your brand. Respond to questions, like posts, leave comments- allow people to see why your brand is set apart from the rest.

Building connections is necessary, but it also serves you to know who your competition is. Search social media platforms for businesses that are in your field or have similarities to yours and take into account how they run their pages.