Should You Start a Chicken Coop-Making Business?


The farming industry is full of hundreds of tiny niche businesses, from equipment suppliers, to quality assurance experts. One of the lesser-known heroes of the farming industry is the chicken coop maker. While it may be rare to find amish chicken coops for sale at your local retail stores, coops are a staple that many farmers are willing to pay a lot of money for. Making custom chicken coops is a growing business, as every farm has its own specific coop needs.

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This video shares the inspiring story of how one woman turned her passion into a 2 million dollar chicken coop building business.

Without a doubt, every chicken has a personality. Whether you keep a chicken for eggs or simply as a cute pet, you will grow to know your chickens by their distinct attitudes. As a chicken coop builder, customers will often want a chicken coop that reflects the aesthetic of their home, making it an adorable little mini house for their feathered friend. People are willing to spend a lot of money to have a custom chicken coop that makes them smile, complete with rocking chairs and cute details.