Should you be buying an excavator for your construction business?


Do you have a small construction business and need to update your bobcat? Would an excavator drive motors enhance the machines that you already work with? If you’re answering yes to any of these questions than Mini Final Drives is the place that you’re looking for. When you need a final drive motor for a bobcat we can be just the place to help you to build your business and get back to work faster than you might think! With our business finding excavator drive motors can be a piece of cake without all of the frustration that you think might be included in finding just the motor that you need in order to get yourself back in business.

Final drive motors for bobcat or final drive motor for a John Deere machine could be the cause of stress for many people, having to locate all of the specific information and know exactly what you’re looking for. But with Mini Final Drives we’ve got you covered with service that you can both believe in and trust for all of your drive motor needs. Before you find yourself under stress that the motor you purchase is not going to be the correct one for your machine, take a step back and examine the business and the situation, than, give us a call and we can take care of all of your final drive motors needs.

There are only a few important things that you should keep in mind when you’re buying a new motor for your excavator: one is that power can range anywhere from 14.5 to 512 horsepower. It is important to know what you’re looking for so that you aren’t overpowering your machine. Second, excavators can weigh anywhere from 3,790 pounds to 188,716 pounds. They can also reach a max digging length of 32 feet. When you’re deciding which is best for your business these complications are important to keep in mind, also when you’re buying a new motor for your machine. Also, know the difference between the three possible sixes of excavators. There are compact, mid-size and large. It all depends on the business that you have and what you’re intending to do with your excavator.

All of these steps will come in handy to know if you’re buying a new excavator or if you’re looking for new excavator drive motors to replace in your own personal bobcat. Don’t be overwhelmed when there is a company here to help you and back you up with all of the possible choices you have to make for you and your machine and business. Don’t sweat the little things when we are here to help you get through all of them and get on with your busy business season the fast and correct way.

Our family at Mini Final Drives has been providing excellent Quality, Value, and Service for over 50 years, and you can continue to count on us for a lifetime of friendly, helpful support for all your final drive and travel motor needs. Call us today at 877-483-2806 or visit our online store at to find and order what you need today for Fast and Free delivery to your door.