Selling Products With Attractive Packaging in the Store


Businesses and companies that sell products will need ways to advertise the existence, benefits, and prices of those items so that customers will want to buy them, and this involves a number of efforts. A company will launch online and paper ad campaigns to advertise new items and sales, and also set up signs or posters to that effect. This is only part of the job, however. A lot of money is spent to research marketing strategies to make products sell better, and signs and online ads are the starting step, but the final phase involves the packaging and in-store signs that draw customers’ attention in a store. After all, even though consumers often see ads in their everyday lives and often go to a store with few planned purchases in mind, it has been determined that many purchasing decisions are made after a person has walked into a store, and this is where packaged items such as custom printed coffee bags, organic food packaging, clear pouch bags, and even items like chocolate candy bags make all the difference. Good packaging like custom printed coffee bags can make the sale.

The Power of Packaging

Is the packaging for an item really so effective? Studies and trends show that yes, attractive and informative packaging can go a long way in influencing a customer’s purchasing decisions in a store. In general, businesses that pay close attention to their items’ packaging report a 30% increase in sales, and many factors may add up to create this figure. For example, a study done by West Rock Consumer Insights in 2016 showed that nearly 66% of consumers try a new product simply because of its attractive and eye-catching packaging, and once a customer is holding a package and looking it over, the labels and printed information is important, too. After all, many shoppers, nearly 85% of them, reported that their purchase decisions were based on what they read on packages while shopping.

What is more, attractive and premium packaging can also put the customer in a positive state of mind and make them happier about their purchase overall, anything from dog food to packages of frozen fish meat to custom printed coffee bags or tea bags. nearly 52% of online shoppers, for example, have reported that they were willing to return to a retailer and buy their products again if the items they purchased came in premium packaging. Similarly, 40% of consumers have reported that they would share a photo of a product they purchased on social media if its packaging was attractive and high quality, and this can act as a sort of free marketing for the producer. Overall, what can be done to make a package more appealing?

Design of Packages

Packages for items ranging from food and drink products to kids’ toys to hardware can vary widely, and the particular type of product being packaged may affect how the packaging itself is designed. Beverages are one such example. Smaller coffee shops may carry their own unique brews and blends, and this means having custom printed coffee bags to make their products stand out from the competition, and the same may be true for boxes of tea bags. Dry goods such as cake mixes, pasta, cereal, power bars, and more can have graphic photos of the food item, showing off its colors and textures and often displaying serving suggestions to make the food look even more appealing. This may also be done with bags of coffee bans or grounds, showing a mug filled with the coffee flavor, possibly with cream or whipped cream or sprinkles to make it look more appealing.

Other items sometimes use the product itself to help with advertising. Kids’ toys, for example, often come in boxes with colorful graphics and brand names to draw attention, and this often includes a clear plastic window where the item itself, such as an action figure, may be displayed so the consumer sees exactly what they are getting. The same may be true for hardware in clear plastic pouches. Nails, screws, nuts and bolts, and more can be contained in such a pouch stapled to a cardboard piece that has printed information and the bar code, and these items can speak for themselves.