Prototype Circuit Boards Are the Small Pieces That Many Electronics Rely On


Printed circuit board prototype

Three combination crock pot-pressure cookers, one advanced weather station and rain gauge, one digital tablet, one set of over the head earphones, and one set of in the ear buds. All of these items that are beautifully wrapped under your Christmas tree this year rely on printed circuit boards (PCBs). And if you have any little kids in your home, the number of presents that you have wrapped this year that rely on PCB assembly services is likely even more.
The fact of the matter is that nearly anything that you need to plug in or anything that needs to be charged depends on PCB assembly services to operate. And behind every one of those technological devices that you are giving this year is a research and development team that made use of prototype PCB manufacturing services to refine their final products. Whenever a new product is being developed, in fact, many stages of PCB design and layout must occur. From framed stencils with smooth aperture walls to more basic designs, it is important to make sure that the developing team is able to have access to affordable PCB templates. Working on larger boards at the beginning of the planning stage and moving to smaller boards as the entire design of a new product is streamlined, researchers and developers need to have trustworthy practice boards. A faulty board, in fact, can cause both delays and added expenses.

Consider some of this information about the printed circuit board industry and the impact that it has on not only the products that consumers buy, but the nation’s economy as well:

  • Used for 16 Mil pitch and below and for Micro BGA’s, framed stencils have smooth aperture walls./li>
  • Through-hole circuits are nearly 10 times the size of surface mount PCBs.
  • PCB assemblies have been integrated into the design and operation of most traffic lights used in North America in the past three decades.
  • The global PCB market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 3% by the year 2020, according to Technavio?s market research analyst predictions.
  • PCB failure can be linked to one of two factors: problems caused by the manufacturer during the PCB assembly services production process or performance problems from environmental stresses.

Finding the right gift this Christmas often means making sure that you are purchasing a reliable piece of technology. Making sure that technology will work relies on the high quality, but affordable, PCB technologies that these items rely on.