Piercing The Corporate Veil


Piercing the corporate veil can be a challenge without the right corporate investigation team in your corner. At the core of much complex civil litigation is a corporate entity that has done a good job of veiling themselves in the laws that are there to protect them.

There is always a hole in the veil but trying to find it can be difficult without the right support. A corporate investigation with a team of experienced professionals can find the hole.

Unveiling a Corporate Entity

A corporate investigation is time-consuming, costly, and often misses essential information. It takes years to develop the right skill set to manage corporate investigations effectively, and efficiently. Corporate entities are set up to protect the corporation, its officers, and shareholders. Peeling back the layers to expose what you need to know, requires experience. There is a right way to chisel away at the corporate veil.

Accurate Information

For contractual disputes or any type of litigation, you must have accurate information. You cannot use inferences, assumptions, or evidence that is questionable. You need to present rock-solid facts, that can be backed up to get the wanted outcome.

On the flip side of the coin, defending a corporate entity against accusations uncovered in a corporate investigation also needs the support of accurate information and solid data. In either case, as the defense or the plaintiff representative, you want to be fully prepared.

Fully Prepared For Anything

Mock trials, error-free briefings, and a deep dive into corporate activities can help you to be prepared when you walk into the courtroom regardless of what side you are on. Predicting outcomes can be difficult, but not if you are fully prepared.

Depending on in-house research teams can be risky. There is a lot of room for error when you depend on inexperienced in-house research. Having the ability to address a broad amount of research unfortunately does not make you an expert in corporate investigations. Overlooking a detail during the investigation can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Depending on in-house researchers in defending a corporate entity deliver the same risks. One missed fact, item, document, can mean not defending your client to the fullest. There is help available that can provide you the time-saving, accurate information you need to be prepared for anything.