Organization Makes All The Difference Tacking Extra Hours Into Your Week With Colored Dot Stickers


Organizing is a way of taking control of your life one piece at a time.

It’s a shame the whole act of decluttering feels like such a chore, then. Many people today find themselves losing a lot of time trying to find lost items or dig through poorly organized folders, sinking them further into a hole of which there seems no escape. If you’re one of the many that’s wondering where the mess ends, listen up. There are some fun and interesting ways to add organization to your day-to-day life. You can repair your book spine with a book binding repair kit or get those folders in place with some color coding stickers.

Organization is art and efficiency, all in one handy package. Here are some tips to get you started!

Color Is Closely Linked To Better Recognition And Retention

Drab surroundings don’t tell us much. Even a colorful office can be more distracting than helpful. According to a recent marketing study, color has been found to increase brand recognition by at least 80% — over 85% of shoppers cited color as their primary reason for why they bought a particular product. This goes not just for business, but learning. Back in 2002 researchers discovered subjects performed 5% to 10% better on standardized pattern recognition tests when administered in color, rather than black and white.

A Repair Kit Can Save You A Lot Of Wasted Time

Colored dot stickers and custom adhesive labels are more than just reminders. They keep you from wasting precious time and money in your already busy week. Alongside picking up more color theory, consider adding a custom repair kit to your toolbox. You can save a trip to the office supply store when you need to repair your book spine, pulling out book repair tape and getting to work at your leisure. Other useful tools include general adhesive label tape and clear glossy label protectors.

Clutter Is Bad For Your Health And Can Impact Productivity

You’re far from the only one sick of digging around in seemingly endless piles. Clutter is notoriously bad for our health, stressing us out and keeping us from being productive. Recent studies have shown close links between clutter and increased anxiety — these symptoms include short-term issues like concentration problems and long-term issues like insomnia. Clear glossy label protectors on rolls give you the opportunity to see what you need immediately, instead of ramping up your stress levels further than they need to be. Just how bad is it?

Homes And Offices Are More Cluttered Than Usual

Did you know the average American home has over 200,000 things in them? Even the most clean and efficient office worker still has some unwanted trash they’re not sure what to do with. The fact you’re considering cleaning things up is already a very important first step. No matter which industry or niche you go to, better organization is often the difference between success and failure — an average day sees the UPS, for example, handling over 15 million packages. What would you do with a few extra hours in your week?

Effective Organization Can Be Built Like A Good Habit

From trying to find your keys to trying to repair your book spine, organization helps us out. Customized stickers and labels can spare you a few seconds as you get ready in the morning for a long shift. Colored adhesive dots can add a splash of fun to the number process. Just like a bad habit, good habits can be built over time. How much more efficient would your workweek be if you could repair your book spine or organize your files quickly?

Have fun with the art of organization. See what a few colored circle labels or book repair tape can do to help take the sting out of the workweek.