Meloncube Reduce’s It’s Carbon Footprint Through Paperless Options


While Meloncube is known for its success as a Minecraft Server Company, there is much more to this company than what is delivered to its clients. Many people don’t think about the environmental impact a company can have on the world around us, but Meloncube takes this issue to heart. That is why their goal is to use as little paper as possible when it comes to day-to-day activities such as transactions and billing. Not only are paperless options more efficient, but they have lasting benefits on our Earth.

Paper Product Pollution and It’s Negative Environmental Impact

The production of paper is done through massive deforestation which fuels pollution through carbon emissions and waste. 93% of paper products come from trees, and the paper industry is responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. By limiting paper usage, Meloncube is saving countless trees from being cut down and harvested, and decreasing their carbon footprint.

Going Paperless Leads to Better Data Security

According to Thales, data transmission and storage security are imperative in the modern enterprise and with primarily electronically stored documents, paper is even more obsolete. Having a digital security system is not only safer but allows our Minecraft server hosting company to have a better filing system and provide a more efficient experience to its clients.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Increases Company Efficiency

Many employees say that working in an environmentally conscious environment increases morale, and this extends to a company’s customers as well. If being kind to our Earth is important to you, then look no further than Meloncube. With our efforts to reduce paper usage, you are working with a company you can be proud to support.

When you choose a Minecraft hosting company to work with, Meloncube has customizable services at affordable prices, and as an added bonus, is environmentally conscious! Our goal is to make what can be an overwhelming process of creating a Minecraft server, simple and structured in a way you can understand. Whether you are an at-home gamer or a business, give us a call today to see how we can help you build your Minecraft server.