Making Smarter Choices as a Consumer About the Packaging of Our Products


Utility box plastic

The world has changed a great deal over time, and so many options have become available to consumers. As technology advances, more products are marketed to more people, and a good deal of existing products become obsolete as upgrades continuously pop up. This leads to a high volume of waste. Landfills are overflowing, and far too much trash has ended up in the oceans. Luckily, more people are waking up to these serious issues, and there is a growing demand for green packaging.

Customizable packaging solutions/options

People like to have choices. When shopping, the nearly perfect product could catch the eye of an eager shopper, but provide that product in a variety of colors and you have basically guaranteed the sale. Whether it is color, size, or a variety of accessories that are available to buy with a product, people like to be able to choose. And with the growing concern over the excessive waste that our societies produce, people are certainly clamoring for the ability to choose when it comes to the packaging of products that they love. Customizable packaging solutions/options, particularly those that are clearly taking environmental impact into consideration, will likely become much more popular amongst those consumers who recognize the importance of saving the planet.

People have the power to save the planet

Customizable packaging solutions/options are just one way that we can help
to turn the tide of environmental change. A large number of people want to be environmentally responsible, but do not have the proper information on just how easy it can be for one person to make a difference. Multiply this ability to nurture positive changes by companies that want to do what is right, and we could find ourselves with a much healthier planet. For example, custom clamshell packaging solutions that are completely recyclable or even made to be reused by the consumer who bought the product in that packaging could make a huge dent in the amount of plastic that ends up choking oceans and landfills.

More than half of people around the globe make decisions about what to buy based at least partially on the packaging and whether or not they can see that the brand is acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. While many people do not see the negative effects of waste right where they live, knowing the facts could open a lot of eyes. Take, for example, the projection that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than there would be fish, if things do not change now. People are capable of turning that around. Every single person can take seemingly small steps that will become major change.

We all share the same planet. It is all we have. It is a beautiful place and worthy of much more than how we have treated it. If everyone took the time and put in just a little bit of effort, we could reduce the amount of waste we create and instead increase the amount of recyclable materials we use.