Looking at the Differences Between Public and Private School


Choosing education for your child is a great step in planning for the future. You may wonder, what is the difference between public and private schools? Knowing what is best for your child can be difficult, but doing research on schools is the first step! Listen to the differences and make an educated decision with your child.

Private school education is often thought of as much better than public schools.

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This may be true in certain ways. At the best private schools, counselors report spending 55% of their time on counseling about college. Counselors at public schools report spending 22% of their time on college counseling. If you and your child’s focus is heading to college, private schools would be a great choice.

The diversity of students found in public schools is a big positive of attending. Your student will attend a certain school district by zip code and this will integrate them into the community. Having a diverse population of learners will allow your child to understand how many different people there are in the real world. This may better prepare the student for a world outside of education.