LED Signs, Advertising, and Everything In Between


Led board sign

Every single year, small businesses owners fight and scrape to try and find success in the modern day world that we live in. This is not easy, especially when you put into perspective the fact that they are competing with large corporations. These large corporations have bundles and bundles of money that can be utilized to help provide them with an advertising advantage on smaller sized businesses.

Right now, experts have estimated and projected that by the year of 2019, LED signs will manage to reach a 53% penetration of the global lighting market. This is why so many people think the time to cash in on the services of a LED sign company is now. Here are all of the facts that surround the importance of working with a LED sign company.

Just about 35% of all people have stated in a recent survey that they would not have discovered a business if they did not notice their sign. So this is a big pointer to the fact that people believe in the idea of signage. Furthermore, it has been proven that if you hire a LED sign company to install electronic signs then you can easily increase the traffic of business to your store.

Studies have recently shown that adding or changing a sign can easily help improve sales revenue for a business. As a matter of fact, the simple action of replacing a store-front wall sign with a larger sign can help boost revenue by up to 8%. Keep in mind that nearly 17% of all customers that walk into Best Buy do so because of the large sign that they see.

Just about 71% of all people will often look at the messages that are on roadside billboards and this includes both traditional signs and digital signs. So investing in the services of a LED sign company to install LED signs for businesses is a great idea. LED signs are proven to legitimately attract more customers than other signage.

Nearly 85% of a business’s customers live or work within a five-mile radius of its location. More than 37% of all people have stated that they look at an outdoor advertisement just about every single time that they pass it out on the road even while driving. So the right type of signage can easily attract attention and can get eyes on a business.

A poll was recently conducted amongst people who are consumers that go to business on a daily basis. This poll revealed that just about 32% of all respondents visited a business that they saw on a billboard later that week. Out of all these poll respondents, just about 26% noticed a phone number on the sign and 28% noted that there was a website address written on an outdoor billboard.

This poll also revealed more results that surrounds the work of a LED sign company. Just about over 50% of all respondents in this poll that are of 18 years of age or older stated that they learne about an event that interested them from a billboard. Over 50% of all poll respondents also stated that they learned about a restaurant that they, later on, visited from a billboard that they saw while in their vehicle.

In Conclusion

Almost 70% of all consumers make their shopping decisions while inside of their vehicle. This is why the hiring of a LED sign company is incredibly important to the lives of many business owners. If you get the right LED sign outside of your business to can attract teh eyes of so many customers who are out on the open road. People are always looking around at their surroundings while driving a vehicle and this the best time to get their attention!