Learn the Simple Steps to Becoming a Plumber


The plumbing system is one of the most significant systems in homes, offices, and buildings. Good plumbers ensure that the plumbing system works effectively and efficiently. This video explains how to become a competent plumber and how far certified plumbing can take you.

How to Become a Plumber

1. A plumber must decide which route to take:

a. A residential plumber or a commercial plumber.

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b. A service plumber or a new construction plumber.
c. Union plumber or non-union plumber.

2. Look for a job.

After deciding on the route to take, it is necessary to look for a job. Those who decide to go with a union will end up on new construction sites and on the commercial side. For those who want to be non-union, approach businesses to find out who does their plumbing and call those companies for placements.

3. Look into other areas

Once on the job, explore other areas that can be pursued. Widen the skill set. A plumber can eventually own his/her own business.

Certified plumbing is versatile. A plumber can move up the ladder, from doing the actual plumbing to becoming the president of a company.