Learn About Commercial Glass Walls and Doors


Glass walls and doors are a great choice for commercial buildings. They allow natural light to enter the building, creating a bright and comfortable atmosphere, while providing privacy and security. Glass walls and doors can be used in many different ways, from creating open-plan office space to creating visually appealing storefronts. With advances in technology, glass walls and doors can also be designed with customized features such as tinting, shelving, or even interactive displays. Here’s what you should know about commercial glass walls and doors:

Types of Commercial Glass Walls & Doors

There are several types of commercial glass walls and doors available for businesses today. Depending on the intended use at your facility, one type may be more suitable than another.

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Common types of commercial glass walls and doors include:

  • Frameless All-Glass Entrances – These entrances have no metal framing, giving them an unobstructed view. They are often used for office buildings, retail stores, and other high-traffic areas.

  • Structural Glass Walls – Structural glass walls are made from tempered glass panels held in place by structural support systems. These walls provide a modern look while still allowing natural light to flow through the space.
  • Folding Glass Doors – Folding glass doors can open up an entire wall of a building, connecting the inside with the outside world. They come in varieties that can open either manually or automatically and provide large openings for easy access.