Important Things for a Project Manager to Know


Terms used by project managers can be hard to understand especially if you are new. Terms such as WBS are used to mean a work breakdown structure. This means that before starting any work you need to know how you will maneuver through it.

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Another term a project manager will use is milestones which means a significant plan of the event.

You may also hear the word baseline from a project manager which means the beginning of a project. It could also mean the foundation or the main deal of the project. Triple constraint is made up of four major factors and is represented by a triangle. These include the time, the scope, the cost, and the quality of the work.

Life cycle means the possibility of a process being repeated in the work process. Initiate, plan, monitor, execute, and close. A change control board sees through your project before you can execute it. Stakeholders are the actively involved people. They are engaged to see the project run without negative impacts. The change management controls the scope in that it sees who does what and where they do it.

Risk mitigation is about how to respond to risk. You first identify the risk and then know how to manage the risk once it occurs. Overall, these were some important terms that you should know if you are a project manager.