Identity Theft Is Worse Than Ever Why Your Business Needs A High Security Paper Shredder


All of your information is precious. Even the little details you’re sure wouldn’t do much in the wrong hands.

Your full name and address. Which bank you use and the type of credit card you have. Even the last time you paid a bill. All these details are yours and yours alone, as they can easily be turned against you when you expect it the least. Identity theft remains one of the biggest issues facing Americans today, even when taking into account student loan debt and property damage.

Could a commercial paper shredder help in keeping you and your information safe? Let’s learn a little more about identity fraud and how you can take steps in preventing it.

Identity Fraud Can Happen To Anyone

It’s easy to think identity fraud isn’t something that can happen to you. For many it’s an abstract concept pushed to the back of the mind as an issue that happens to friends, maybe co-workers. Recent data suggests identity fraud is only going to get more common and more serious. One study found 25% of consumers stating they found out they were a victim of identity fraud by complete accident. The year 2017 alone saw over 15 million victims of identity fraud.

All Your Information Is Important

Never think your Social Security or your address aren’t able to be used against you. This is a common misconception that sees millions of individuals and several businesses put at risk. Businesses have an even bigger responsibility handling the sensitive information of their customers and employees. In fact, a survey found 40% of consumers stating they would stop doing business with a company or a brand if they suffered a security breach. The industrial shredder machine isn’t just useful, but vital.

Simply Tearing Up Your Documents Isn’t Enough

You might consider crumpling up or tearing up documents that are no longer needed. This is widely considered to be inefficient. A recent study found 50% of consumers stating their security habits make them actively vulnerable to identity theft and similar crimes. A commercial paper shredder does the necessary work of making a document completely obsolete. Prying eyes can still pick up two halves of a document and stitch them together.

Businesses Need To Stay Hypervigilant

At the risk of sounding redundant, identity theft is only getting more serious from here. The top executives from 300 companies ranked security of company records as the top five critical issues facing businesses today. A very recent 2018 study provided by the National Telecommunications And Information Administration discovered 50% of Internet users in the country refrained from online activities due to privacy and security concerns. Identity theft, unsurprisingly, was the top concern.

Secure Paper Shredding Is Reliable And Easy To Use

Without a commercial paper shredder you’re putting everyone at risk. The consumers that do business with you, the employees that work for you…even your own information will be compromised if you’re careless. Nearly 30% of consumers fail to shred documents containing sensitive information before throwing them out. Even an old bill or bank statement can be improperly used by the wrong person. A high capacity paper shredder is designed to both provide security and keep up with the sheer volume of information at your fingertips.

Stay safe all days of the year. Invest in an industrial shredder machine designed for safety first.