How to Start Your Own T-Shirt Business


This video is to inform viewers about custom screen printing services they can possibly provide others. Owning your own business is a great way to add a stream of income while selling a product or a service you are passionate about. If you like shirts and making your own clothes or DIY things, this business is definitely one you should think about starting.

Video Source

Providing custom screen printing services can be a great and successful business when you think about how many people need shirts for things like a job uniform, club activities, or even things like family reunions. Screen printing is the process of getting paint in the colors of red, yellow, and blue and creating an actual picture on a t-shirt. The blend of these primary colors makes for beautiful and life-like designs.

Having these custom screen printing services in your arsenal can add to a very successful and profitable business, especially since many of the tools you need for it can be found and bought for as low as $30 if you do the proper research. Watching this video can help in finding something that can help you get started.