How to Nail Pickets on Your Wooden Fence


Fences play a massive role in providing a home with security and much-needed isolation. Besides its functional purposes, a wooden fence can add a fresh look and finish to the house, making the curb and backyard look spectacular. If you are interested in learning how to run pickets, you can watch the video, How To Nail Pickets On A Wooden Fence. It offers some great tips and steps that are easy to follow, but if you don’t have the expertise or skill for the task, it is best to seek a commercial wood fencing company to help you

Wooden fences have a unique aesthetic appeal. However, over time wood exposed to the elements can fade and start to fall apart.

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You may need to repair the fence or install a new one depending on the severity of the damage. When installing the pickets, it’s important to create guides for the picket tops. Then attach support boards to the gates and finally install the pickets by screwing them in.

DIYs are common, and many may attempt to repair damaged fences independently. Most of the time, commercial fencing companies provide free quotes to help you plan and budget. Whether you are installing a wooden fence for the first time or repairing or replacing it, it is best to get in touch with a professional for advice.