How to Mediate A Conflict Between Two Employees


When mediating a conflict between two employees, it’s crucial to handle the situation delicately, prioritizing fairness and resolution. Firstly, create a neutral and private space where both individuals can express their concerns openly and without interruption. Encourage active listening by giving each party ample opportunity to share their perspective and feelings.

Additionally, guide the conversation towards constructive dialogue by asking open-ended questions to uncover the underlying issues fueling the conflict. Validate the emotions of both employees and foster empathy by acknowledging the impact the conflict has had on each of them and the team dynamics.

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Work collaboratively with the employees to explore potential solutions and compromises that address their respective needs and concerns. Encourage creative problem-solving and brainstorming to find mutually agreeable resolutions.

Establish clear agreements and action plans to address the conflict and prevent its recurrence. Document the agreed-upon resolutions and follow up with both employees to ensure accountability and track progress.

By mediating conflicts between employees with empathy, active listening, and a focus on resolution, you can help them move past their differences and foster a more harmonious and productive work environment. An employment mediator can be vital, as they can help two employees who can’t reach a resolution on their own reach a fair and civil resolution when it comes to conflict.