How to Manage Rental Properties Remotely


The old traditional ways of managing a rental property are changing with the times. This video seeks to help you with tips on how to manage your properties remotely while keeping your guests content and safe, and your assets protected.

The video focuses on smart products that make renting out a property much easier. Starting with smart locks, this video shows how technology has allowed guests to have a keyless entry when they check in and out of the home, which eliminates the risk of losing keys or the keys falling into the wrong hands.

After talking about where to locate exterior security cameras, the video introduces noise detection devices, which alert you when your guests make too much noise for the surrounding neighbors – allowing you to act accordingly.

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The video also explains the importance of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and why you need to invest in one for your rental properties. Smart thermostats are handy devices that help with your utility bills and are also mentioned in this video. A bonus tip that will help you tremendously is given as a conclusion to the video, so be sure to watch till the end.