How to Choose Quality Used Forklifts for Your Small Business


Many small businesses depend on forklifts to move pallets of goods or large pieces of equipment. But just because you need something, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to afford. If you need more forklifts, you don’t need to buy new or expensive models. Instead, you can find used forklifts for sale.

When looking at used forklifts, make sure you don’t get fooled by fresh paint jobs and showy features.

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You need your forklifts to be fully functional more than you need them to look nice, especially if your customers will never see them.

To check the quality of a used forklift, you can find out how many hours it has been driven. Much like a car has an odometer, a forklift should have an hours meter. Some of them will show driving and lifting hours combined. Try to find a forklift with a relatively low amount of driving hours.

Lastly, check the hoses and tires for excessive wear and tear. You may need to replace these parts if they are damaged. If they do show signs of damage, you can either skip over purchasing the forklift or negotiate for a lower price.

With these tips, you should be able to equip your small business with quality used forklifts.