How Should You Get a Copier for the Office?


The video talks about an industrial copy machine and whether a business should lease or buy one. It also gives some tips for choosing the right machine for the worksite.

Leasing a copy machine allows a business to have tax breaks and cost savings, which are two things that just about every company wants to experience.

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Secondly, the business can lease the best copy machines in the industry and still pay the same low, fixed price every month. The business can terminate the lease at any time, and the company can then choose to buy the machine or give the unit back and lease a different one.

Purchasing a copier has its own set of benefits. For one, there are no strings attached. Once the company owns the copier, they will not have to worry about borrowing one. There is nothing for the business owner to worry about with printing. Furthermore, there’s also a great return on the investment. The user can sell the printer if the company no longer needs it and receive a portion of the money back that was spent on the unit. That option isn’t available with leased copiers. The company would have to give the copier back at the end of the lease term instead.