How Much Could You Make as an Electrical Contractor?


The YouTube video discusses being an electrician as an optional career, but many wonder what the income for this career is. Various factors may influence the income of an electrician, such as whether they work independently or for someone else, which state they operate in, their level of experience, their specialty, and the size of the company they’re doing so for. According to the 2020 reports by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income of an electrician was $57,000.

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Do Electricians Earn a Good Income?

Think about it this way: every property, whether residential or commercial, needs the services of an electrician. All new construction needs a qualified electrician to tend to the electrical components of the project. An electrician will always be in demand, and there will always be work for electricians. Especially those that do good work.

The first consideration is whether an employer employs an electrician or whether they work for themselves. Electrical contractors with their businesses who do good marketing can earn a high income. An electrician’s years of experience will affect how much they earn if they work for an employer.

Furthermore, some states require a higher minimum wage for electricians than others. Lastly, some areas are in higher demand than others. For example, electricians who work on industrial installations or commercial contractors will earn a higher income than residential electricians.