How Is Industrial Glass Recycled?


When it comes to any kind of glass including industrial glass, It is recycled after use. Whether the item is a glass beer bottle, industrial windows, or a glass jar, the recycling process is the same. Keep reading to learn how industrial glass is recycled.

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Industrial glass recyclers collect glass from all over. This includes breweries, wineries, homes, and businesses.

So what is the point of recycling glass? Sure it is environmentally friendly but it is more than getting glass back from communities or businesses. it is also about making something from that recycled industrial glass into something other businesses can use like reflective paint, decorative glass and more.

How does glass recycling work? The glass is put through a system of vacuums and mag belts and non-ferrous belts to clean the glass. It then creates a cullet which is sold back to manufacturers to be used in new products.

Glass is infinitely recyclable. You can have a beer, throw the bottle in recycling, have it picked up tomorrow, processed through the facility tomorrow, and then made into something new like a bottle within 72 hours.

To learn more, watch the video above!