How Economical Janitorial Solutions Can Help Your Health Club


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There are some businesses that come to mind when you think of cleanliness requirements. You expect your restaurant to be completely clean and sanitary, providing you with healthy food. You expect for your medical professionals office to also be clean and sanitized. However, what about the less than obvious businesses? Do you care if your local gym is clean? What about the local bowling alley? Although these types of establishments may not hold the same cleanliness requirements as a restaurant would, customers still expect them to be clean.

You expect that any business that you frequent is clean and regular sanitized. Regular sanitization prevents the spread of illness and germs. You do not want to visit your local gym for a quick workout, to be left with an illness that could have been prevented. In fact, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive, 88% of adults would not exercise in a gym or facility if they found it to have cleanliness issues.

The different between restaurants and your gym is that it may be more difficult to visually notice cleanliness issues. In a restaurant, you are likely paying more attention. However, in the gym, people are sweating and moving around a lot. You are not as focused, because you are not consuming anything there. However, it is just as important. A gym that wants to succeed and provide their customers with a satisfied service needs to put cleanliness a priority.

Gyms and health clubs could benefit from a professional cleaning service. An economical janitorial solution ensures that your gym or health club not only appears to be clean and sanitized, but that it is also properly cleaned to prevent germs and illnesses. It generally only takes one poor cleanliness situation for a customer to be turned away. Janitorial responsibilities in house may miss one cleaning service, leaving guests unhappy. Many guests may not return as a result.

For example, 72% of adults will not exercise in gyms with unpleasant odors. Your employees may have the task of cleaning and reducing odors in the gym. However, if they were to get too busy and miss a cleaning step and customers notice it, they may choose not to return. It only takes one poor cleanliness issue to affect customers. An economical janitorial solution brings in professionals to clean the gym or health club, ensuring that all aspects are covered.

Some customers may also be turned away from too much cleaning smells. Many of the cleaning products on the market today are very strong and emit strong chemical smells. Customers who are sensitive to this may not be satisfied. Too harsh of chemicals can also harm people. Thanks to chemical cleaning products, indoor air pollution levels can be as much as 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels, according to US EPA estimates. An economical janitorial solution provides a company with additional cleaning product items. They are knowledgeable when it comes to cleaning products and can be a great option for health club customers and commercial office cleaning service customers who are sensitive to harsh cleaning products.

Green janitorial services may be included with economical janitorial solutions. A janitorial service often caters to the individual needs of the business. If the health club prefers to have more green related cleaning products, the cleaning company will introduce this to their cleaning routine.

Customers expect the businesses that they frequent to be clean and fully sanitized. They do not want to get ill from visiting their local health club. A health club facility needs to have an extensive cleaning routine and they may find economical janitorial solutions to be the answer. A professional cleaning company can ensure that everything is properly cleaned and sanitized. They can also replace harmful cleaning products with more green cleaning options for employees and customers who may be more sensitive.