How Does a Fertilizer Company Make Their Product?


Based on the fertilizer manufacturing process, a fertilizer company inputs the nutrients, and everything is scaled down to the pound so that you know how much goes into it. The standard fertilizer raw materials include ammonium sulfate, potassium, and iron. The company makes all the raw materials available in correct measurements and blends in readiness to manufacture the product.

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Depending on a fertilizer company’s base material, a company mixes the blended fertilizer raw materials with the base component and breaks it down into a fine powder. More product is added to the ground powder to obtain the required granule size. The fertilizer is then directed into the drier for further drying and sorting. The dust, clumps, and any inconsistent fertilizer are sucked out from the consistent and correctly sized fertilizers.

As the dried fertilizer leaves the drier, the fertilizer company sprays dust coating on the fertilizers to ensure they are dustless and more usable. The fertilizer-producing company recycles the non-consistent and dust fertilizers. After dust coating the fertilizers, the producing company cools the product before packaging.