How Do Plumbers Decide Their Prices


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Plumbing issues are headaches for homeowners, and that’s without considering the cost. This article will cover average costs for plumbing jobs you may need so you can see if you’re being overcharged. We will also cover some cost saving measures to use.

The average cost of a plumber is around $300, with per hour cost being between $45-$150. Here’s a list of some plumbing jobs you may be facing:

  • Water Heater Repair – $260-$549
  • Toilet Repair – $152-$200
  • Sump Pump Installation – $1,000+
  • Leaky Faucet – $100-$200

To save money you can consolidate jobs if they aren’t pressing issues. For example, you can have your plumber take a look at the faucet that has been leaking for months when you need your toilet repaired.

Factors that go into calculating cost include if the call is last minute, supplies, trip cost, time, and whether or not it’s an emergency. Costs also vary around the country, from state to state. Most plumbers won’t quote over the phone, either, because the job may end up being much more involved than an untrained eye realizes.

Make sure to do your homework before hiring plumber services. Check out reviews online or get referrals from your family and friends.