How Can a Customer Service Coach Help Grow Your Business?


The video talks about customer service coach hiring and how doing so can help business owners to improve their operations. Customer service coaches usually have years of experience, and they know the best practices to improve customer retention. These coaches can help live chat operators and call center workers. The coaches can help these individuals to handle the following situations:

Using a Proper Greeting

Greetings should always be professional.

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However, the CSR should mix them with a certain level of warmness and personalization. For example, it’s correct to use the customer’s name and still be professional and brief.

Asking for More Information

Sometimes, CSRs need additional information so that they can help their clients to solve problems. Coaches can assist CSRs by explaining the best way to ask for clarity. Restating the question to the customer is one example of gaining clarity without the CSR directly mentioning that he or she doesn’t understand the situation.

Saying No

In some cases, CSRs have to say no to clients. To avoid upsetting the customers, a CSR can try to use an apology first and a compliment second. The third step is to try to offer an alternative solution to the client or ask to transfer them to someone who may be able to assist. The video explains many more tactics.