Here’s How You Decide What Clothes to Donate


It is not widely known that nearly 100% of used textiles can be recycled, regardless of their condition. Textiles include clothing of course, but also towels, old fabric pieces, blankets, curtains, rugs, and the upholstery part of furniture. All too often, people falsely believe that they can or even should just throw any type of fabric pieces away in the trash.

It is a terrible mindset to do this. About 10.5 million pounds of textiles are sent to the landfills each year. Textiles don’t need to end up in a landfill. Through recycling or reselling, almost all textiles can have a new life. Here’s what you need to know about donating clothing specifically.

But My Old Clothes Are.. Too Old, Too Drab, Too Imperfect!

Don’t worry about your old clothes not being the coolest or most perfectly preserved items. A piece of clothing acceptable for donation shouldn’t be in rags and tatters, of course. Still, there is a wide range that determines what items should be donated and which items should be recycled instead.

Which Charity Organizations Are Looking For Donations In the Form of Textiles?

The best place to begin looking is local clothing donations and drop boxes. The local charities are helping the needy people within your community, so this is a great opportunity to make a difference at the ground level. It can be helpful to run an internet search for locations in your area. Many websites will provide a location and phone number, although some will also provide visitors the opportunity to schedule a pickup.

What Should an Acceptable Donation Look Like?

A clothing item that is acceptable for donation to be resold should be in a condition suitable for wear. This means no odd or persistent smells. Also, no stains, rips, tears, and most (if not all) buttons should be attached. It’s okay if the clothing item is somewhat out of date. After all, trends tend to swing back around! Your item could be a great find for someone a few years from now.

Veterans Clothing Donations: Just In Case You Need Further Incentive.

Some charities specialize in a specific group of people in need of assistance. Veterans clothing donations especially serve a worthy group of people who might have fallen on hard times after their exit from the military. If this is a cause that is close to your heart, you can run an internet search for charities specializing in veterans clothing donations. Many of these charities offer pick up service.

Don’t discount your old items. There is some life left in them, if not for you then for someone else. The next time you want to clear out some space in your home’s closets, here’s what you should do. Find a box or sturdy bag, or two. Then, pull out any and all clothing items that you know are out of style or that no longer bring you any joy to wear. Put them in the box or bag. Go online, schedule a pick up, and leave the items on your porch on the appointed day. It’s a simple act of service that benefits everyone.