From the Record Player to the Play Room, Vinyl Can Be Used All Over the World


Truck side curtain vinyl

Vinyl is one of the more versatile materials in the world. From the days of World War II, when vinyl records were first introduced, vinyl has been used for quite a few ideas. Vinyl is widely used in toys for children because of its safe, durable, and clean characteristics. In fact one of the most popular toys of the 20th century Colorforms are made out of vinyl. Another advantage of using vinyl in toys is that it can be manufactured in a wide spectrum of colors. Today however we see printable vinyl used to create vinyl sign material that is perfect for all weather billboards and signs.

Printable vinyl is durable and able to withstand natural elements like rain, sun, wind, and freezing temperatures. These traits make printable vinyl an excellent material for outdoor signs, vinyl coated fabric banners, and laminate fabric shade coverings. The many uses for vinyl fabrics make it easy to see why printable vinyl would be the top choice for outdoor signs, banners and billboards across the globe. To learn about how you or your business can take advantage of printable vinyl, contact a digital and screen printing company who specialize in printable vinyl applications.