Follow These Tips When Starting a Debris Removal Business


This video shows Steve Conroy with Lugaway Junk Removal and Demolition sharing tips for starting debris removal companies. Steve shares tips about how he started his business and helpful information you need to know.

Often gets questions about how to start a debris removal business. He feels that you should just start it.

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You make do with what you have. Steve shares his story to show you how easy it is to start this type of business. He believes once you hear how easy it is, you will be able to get started right away.

Steve had some experience working with a company that was handling junk and tree root removal. Steve goes into a long history about his previous job and why he was let go. He discusses the period of time when he was out of a job and the soul searching that he did in order to prepare himself for the next steps he was about to take. This includes saving money and purchasing vehicles to get the new job off the ground.