Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Service

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There are some people who look down on the janitorial profession, but the truth is that it is very important. Cleanliness is very important when it comes to health and safety, and janitors play an integral role in this. This is why if you are interested in becoming a janitor, you should know that it is actually quite an honorable profession. In some cases, you will be able to make quite a bit of money doing this job as well. You might want to look at different janitorial jobs to see exactly what they entail and what kind of money you will be making, so that you can see if you would be interested.

If you are interested in working for a building cleaning service or the highest paying janitor jobs, you might want to do some research on these jobs. They include janitor sweeping, but there is likely much more than us included in the janitor work description, such as general janitorial and maintenance duties. It would definitely be a good idea to look into what these jobs involve, so that you can figure out what you need to do to get them and whether or not the job is actually right for you.

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Are you interested in hiring professional cleaning services for your business? They say not to judge a book by its cover, but your customers will always judge your business by the cleanliness of you facilities. In some industries, you must maintain an extremely high level of cleanliness for health purposes.

If keeping your work area spotless on top of running your business is just too much for you, using professional cleaning services is a good option. Not to mention, as a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Let the professional cleaning services you hire take one time consuming hat off your shoulders.

Like any product or service your business uses, not all professional cleaning services are created equal. Before selecting janitor services to business with, make sure to ask the following questions:

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Service

    1. How do you charge your rates?

      There are a variety of methods that cleaning services use to charge their fees. Some janitorial services charge by the job. Some charge by the number of employees who are required to complete it. Some services charge an hourly rate (although this isn’t always in your best interest, since how quickly it takes them to do the work doesn’t indicate the quality of work you get, but it drives up the price).

      After you use the cleaning service once, you can expect a flat rate for subsequent visits. If you have a budget limit, you can ask them to limit the number of hours they work to stay within that number. Most cleaning services offer an hourly cap, you just want to clarify before choosing one service over another.

    1. What background checks are conducted on employees?

      This is probably a no-brainer, but your cleaning crew is going to go through the intimate corners of you business. If the cleaning service doesn’t take strong precautions to ensure that their employees can be trusted, this puts you at a considerable risk for theft or security breeches.

      A good cleaning service protects their clients by conducting thorough background checks on each one before hiring them. Keep in mind if you hire an independent cleaner rather than using a service, you become responsible for conducting a background check on them, for your own safety and security. There are a number of third-party firms who will supply this information.

    1. Is the cleaning service insured and bonded?
      There are a number of reasons that it’s important to use a cleaning service who is insured. For the security of your home; if one of your possessions is lost, broken, or stolen, the cleaning services insurance will replace it for you. If one of the employees is injured while working on your property, the insurance company will cover the medical care and damage that were incurred through the incident. If the employees damaged your property and then hit the road, the cleaning services bond will pay for the cost of repairs. Make it a priority to only use a cleaning service who is licensed and bonded.

      Even if your cleaning service is insured and bonded, you should still make sure to talk to your cleaners about any part of your business or possessions that require special care. Even the best cleaning professionals are not mind readers.

    1. Does the cleaning service provide worker’s compensation?

      Let’s say that an unfortunate accident occurs on your property, leaving a cleaning employee unable to work anymore. If the cleaning service that you use only hires contractors rather than actual employees, they are not responsible for providing worker’s compensation to them. In this case, your property insurance will be responsible for paying for it — or worse — you will.

      This simple question could save you thousands of dollars.

  1. Does the cleaning service expect the client to provide the cleaning supplies and equipment?
    Some cleaning services provide their own equipment and supplies, and some just use the supplies that you provide for them. Knowing the policy that the cleaning services you’re considering has on this will help you choose the right service for you.

We want to hear from you! Do you have other suggestions for important questions to ask while shopping for a cleaning service? Please share below.