Document Shredding Tips for Small Businesses


Paper shredding is part of waste management for small businesses. It is wise that they invest in in-office shredding systems to protect their data from prying eyes. Local shredding companies come by regularly to pick up the paper shreds for the office’s convenience.

Before reaching out to local shredding companies, small businesses must be clear about what to keep and never shred.

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This would include documents with capital stock information, financial statements, pension records, and trademarks. These essential documents should be kept and locked away in a cabinet.

Some documents fall under the keep for a while then shred category. These are tax documents, healthcare information, employee information, and past client contracts. It is advisable to confirm with legal advisors before shredding these documents to ensure compliance.

Regular staff briefing on data security should be part of operations to immediately identify what documents need shredding. Small businesses should liaise with local shredding companies to minimize physical storage and protect vital information.

Local shredding companies should take out details identifying clients or disclosing core company operations immediately.
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