Digital Printing Technology Gives Everyone the Ability to Have Professional Quality Printing


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Digital printing technology has come a long way since the days of the dot matrix printers that churned out about a page a minute. Nowadays, digital printers do everything from printing full-color pages to printing and folding brochures.

Though digital printing technology is everywhere, including in private homes, largely due to the cost coming down so much over the years, it gets its real use in the marketing industry. Though more and more marketing is moving to digital, there still is significant marketing that takes place on paper. For example, in 2014, companies in the U.S. spent about $44.5 billion on direct mail marketing.

Even though digital marketing usually is cheaper and can in many ways be more effective, there still is a strong market of people who prefer to get their marketing the old fashioned way. Nearly three-fourths of people in the U.S. and about two-thirds of Canadians prefer direct mail marketing rather than digital marketing, largely because they feel they can read mail pieces whenever they want.

By and large, most small businesses are keeping one foot in the past while stepping into the future when it comes to marketing. Research shows that 76% of small companies use a marketing strategy that includes both digital and direct mail marketing.

One advantage of producing hard copy marketing materials is that it can be much more memorable. More than eight in 10 people say that they remember a company’s name if they receive a promotional gift with that name on it.

Of course, digital printing isn’t only useful for marketing purposes. There are a number of other things for which digital printing comes in handy. Many businesses use digital printing to produce things such as sales presentations. High-quality graphic printing is important for businesses to make a good impression, whether they are producing human resources materials for employees or presenting sales materials to clients.

Digital printing has so many uses, it has become a staple for both businesses and individuals. Whether you are putting together your senior thesis, a neighborhood flyer or a company’s annual report, digital printing produces the quality you need.