Custom Postcards Printed For Businesses


Direct mail postcards

Custom postcard printing goes back pretty far, even to 1940 when the writer Theodore Hook sent one to himself with a caricature of postal workers. Customized postcards are now the direct result of custom postcard printing, because they can be used as a marketing strategy to get people to complete a call to action such as calling, emailing, or inquiring for more information. This is what a ‘call to action’ means, since it asks something of the end consumer to do to demonstrate interest. With custom postcard printing, we can see how this happens and how it can have an effect for the better for a business. In 2010, the Direct Marketing Association noted that over one hundred and fifty three billion was spent on commercial and nonprofit marketers for custom postcard printing. This has resulted in many industries taking advantage of business postcards and custom postcard printing. The Montgomery Ward catalog which printed in 1872 has changed the marketing and sales industry, which set the stage for direct mail marketing and now direct mail postcards. What we have found through a survey done by a research industry known as Millward Brown is that the ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain is now left as a result of the custom postcard printing that has taken place. This is why many real estate agents have taken advantage of custom postcard printing for their real estate postcards. Their hope is to leave a lasting imagine in the end consumer’s mind about who they want to call for real estate.
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