Construction Workers Face Serious Breathing Hazards On-The-Clock Staying Safe With Plastic Sheets


American homeowners have been renovating left and right.

They want to live in a more comfortable and efficient home, particularly those that are aging-in-place. They want to enjoy the short-term benefits of eco-friendliness and the long-term benefits of a high ROI. Simply put…they want it all. Your job as a contractor is to make sure nothing nefarious lurks beneath the surface when remodeling wraps up. This means stocking up on plastic sheets and getting comfortable with the art of laying down floor protection.

Temporary floor protection is how you ensure everything falls into place. Let’s take a look at what safety for both the worker and the homeowner entails.

Popular Home Renovation Projects In America

What are homeowners looking forward to these days? According to several studies, home renovation projects remain high on the list for many. It’s a great way to reduce energy bills on top of improving ROI, particularly when done in more commonly used areas of the home. Bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation remain the most popular home renovation projects, though this is followed close behind by attic renovations. It’s your job to make sure every job is more successful than the last.

Today’s Growing Construction Industry And You

The construction industry has a lot of work to do. Dodge Data and Analytics did a Construction Outlook report back in 2016 — they predicted at least 5% growth, with the value of construction reaching an impressive $710 billion. A direct correlation has been noted with the rapidly aging population of the United States, to boot. In just a few decades 20% of the population will be over the age of 65. This means more homes that are modified to be more accessible to those with mobility issues.

Common Indoor Contaminants Spread By Construction

Each construction job has to take into account not just laying down a proper foundation, but ensuring there’s no harmful kickback left in the air. Both worker and future resident can be exposed to harmful pollutants, some of which have the ability to cause long-term health conditions. A 2017 study published through the National Center For Biotechnology Information saw over half of construction workers being diagnosed with moderate pulmonary restriction. Another 5% were classified as obstructive.

Indoor Air Pollution And Outdoor Air Pollution

You’re likely familiar with the reality of indoor air pollution. Not only is it worse than outdoor air pollution by a significant margin, it has the potential to be even more harmful than we previously thought. Carpets today have the ability to hold several times their own weight in dirt, dust, and dander, which doesn’t even touch on additional issues like bacteria and mold. Poor HVAC systems also have a tendency to spit out further harm when turned on, recirculating as many times as five to seven cycles per day. Plastic sheets are an essential pushback.

Protecting Homeowners With Surface Protection

Temporary floor protection is one of the most important barriers you can apply to the job. Without plastic sheets you could be infesting the air with any number of invisible contaminants. Respirable crystalline silica, for example, are very small particles at least 100 times tinier than ordinary sand. They’re created by cutting, sawing and crushing stone or brick. These lung diseases can be easily prevented, but are disastrous when inhaled and can lead to a slow, painful death.

Stay safe this year and the next. Look into carpet protection film and plastic sheets for your next job so everyone can stay safe.