Compensation Management Solutions Help Companies Manage Both Salaries and Benefits


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The new laptop did not cut it.
After a disappointing year, the new $1800 laptop the top sales person walked in the office and presented to you seemed like a strange gesture. As the sales person explained, you were one of only 8 people in the 600 employee company who was given the laptops. It was intended as a reward for being one of the top people in the company. You wanted to ask, however, why they did not just give you a cash bonus. In a year when your total salary and bonuses was less than it has been in any of the previous five years, a gifted laptop for your personal use falls short of what you need.
Walking out of the office that day with the new laptop under your arm, you felt even less guilty that you were interviewing with another company the next morning. After explaining to your director that the current compensation was not working, you have seen few results. None, when it comes to the first paychecks of the year. Although you have been as clear as possible that you are neither happy nor satisfied with the current compensation, the company cannot find the HR solutions that will meet your needs.
Keeping Top Employees Needs to be the Goal of Your Company’s HR Solutions

Behind the salaries and hourly wages that companies use for compensation are a complicated set of rules and regulations. And while the bottom line for employees is how this year’s pay has compared to previous years, it takes a sophisticated software package to provide all of the needed documentation.

Processing paydays for employees, contractors, and company owners each require a different set of rules and regulations. The right compensation management solutions, however, can help you manage these different tasks. In addition, by making the decision to use the best compensation management systems, tax time will also be a breeze.
It should come as no surprise that unhappy or disengaged workers cost the North American business economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity. The fact that companies with newly upgraded HR systems see cost savings of 22% per employee is an indicator that companies can use their HR solutions to tackle problems with retention and other important issues.
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